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If you click on the headings above, you will find the main list of paintings that we teach in our 2, 3 and 4 hour classes. Some paintings have been with our business since the beginning and some are new! The majority of our paintings were created and painted by The Painted Cork owner Kimberly Godinho and the other fine artists at The Painted Cork although some of them are reproductions of the “Master’s” works such as Van Gogh’s Starry Night and Monet’s Waterlilies. We are constantly creating new works of art for our classes. If you happen to have a fantastic photo which is your image alone and would like to submit it to our review panel for a new painting, please send it to . If we happen to use your photo, we will give you a free class!

All paintings created for classes at The Painted Cork belong solely to The Painted Cork LLC and are of official copyright. Anyone using these images without consent from The Painted Cork will be prosecuted.


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Two Hour Painting Classes3 paintings gutar

Our two hour classes are short and sweet and usually consist of one break in the middle and plenty of time to finish up at the end. We have a large selection to choose from in our two hour category and none of them are any less beautiful than our three hour paintings. The Two hour classes are the lowest in cost and a fantastic way to sample our classes. They are also our most popular classes for Team building experiences because of cost and simplicity. Our team building experiences are extremely popular and you should definitely give us a call if you’re thinking about doing something special for your team.

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Three Hour Painting Classes3 paintings coff

Our three hour classes are the most popular paintings of our 3 groups. They consist of a wide range of subject matters such as wine, landscapes, Master’s paintings, flowers etc! A three hour class is a perfect fit to any painting experience. There isn’t a lot of time commitment so there is plenty of time to wrap your day around a class. Go out to dinner before a class and then hit the town for some night life or take an earlier class and follow up with shopping and lunch. Some might think at first glance that the 3 hour paintings might be more difficult because they take longer, however the extra time only means that there are a few more elements for us to teach and you to paint. There is still NO experience necessary with these classes. We take a couple of breaks which make the three hour classes ideal for Private Parties such as birthdays, bachelorette parties, bridal showers, ladies night out, reunions etc!

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Four Hour Painting Classes3 paintings picasso

This group of beautiful paintings are our 4 hour classes. These paintings are just an extended version of the 2 and 3 hour classes as they basically just have more elements to paint and teach and therefore they take longer. There is still NO experience needed with these classes either. You’ll see that many of our Master’s paintings are in this four hour group and it’s actually amazing that we can finish a Van Gogh Starry Night or Monet Japanese Bridge in one four hour class! We take lots of breaks and we have very comfortable chairs with backs… no stools here unless requested! Don’t forget to pack a picnic of your favorite nibbles and drinks to enjoy throughout any of our classes!

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